The low-cost AccuTools® BluVac+ Micro Wireless Digital Micron Gauge represents a breakthrough in economical vacuum measurement.

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Wireless Vacuum Gauge

Rugged, accurate and wireless.

  • Confidently perform evacuations with a reliable, leak-proof seal.
  • Reversible angled coupler and new cylindrical design are easier to fit into tight spaces.

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SWIVEL-ARM-1/4"SAE-N 4687631
Swivel arm for vacuum gauge, 1/4" SAE

Swivel arm 1/4" SAE, for convenient mounting of vacuum gauges in places that are difficult to access. The metallic connections guarantee a reliable vacuum directly on the system.


REFVAC-RC 4688291
Wireless digital vacuum gauge connection 1/4"SAE male, Units: Micron, mbar, Pa, Torr, mTorr, psi and inHg

The REFVAC-RC is the optimal device for checking the evacuation process on the construction site or in the laboratory.

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DV-45 4495358
Vacuum pump oil, 500ml viscosity 46 mm²/s at 40 °C

Vacuum pump oil

  • Viscosity 46 mm²/s at 40°C