VPE-GN (Gooseneck) Ultrasonic Leak Detector Standard Kit


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Kit Includes
  • VPE-GN Leak Detector
  • Headset
  • Battery
  • Hard Case
  • Waveguide

Superior AccuTrak® advanced patented technology has never been so versatile!  The AccuTrak® VPE-GN Standard Kit offers all the functionality and features of the VPE Basic Kit – but with the sensor on the end of a 9-1/2” long flexible GooseNeck to get into all those hard-to-reach places. The VPE-GN Standard Kit is great for technicians in the Automotive industry, or any others who need to find tough leaks or other airborne ultrasound in tight spaces, behind obstructions, or inside an assembly.  As with all AccuTrak® instruments, the VPE-GN finds leaks for any kind of gas or refrigerant without changing tips or components.  Works equally well to find compressed air leaks, nitrogen leaks – even vacuum leaks!  AccuTrak® can find leaks as small as the equivalent of 1.5 oz per year of refrigerant, or can hear a 5 psi leak up to 30 feet away.

AccuTrak VPE-GN "Gooseneck" Ultrasonic Leak Detector for Automotive Applications

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