Quantity: 2


TruBlu Advanced XL Plus Evacuation Kit

  • TruBlu Hoses (1.5 meter) (2)
  • Stainless Steel Clamp (2)
  • Aluminum Clamp (2)
  • Replacement O-Rings (4)
  • Adapter KF-16 to 1/4 FFL (2)
  • Adapter KF-16 to 3/8 FFL (2)
  • Adapter KF-16 to 1/2 FFL (1)
  • Core Removal Tool 1/4 in. (2)
  • Appion Speed-Y, 3/8'' 
  • Carrying Case

Dedicated to Vacuum

TruBlu is engineered for vacuum. Most manufacturers of “evacuation hoses” use refrigerant transport hose and “recertify” it for use in vacuum applications. Refrigerant transfer hose is designed for refrigerant transfer. The materials though are simply not engineered for evacuation. Pick one up; it will be stiff, heavy, gassy and hydroscopic. Additionally, refrigerant transport hose (charging hoses) should never be used for refrigerant charging and evacuation. Oils and contaminants will line the hose absorbing moisture making a fast and deep vacuum almost unattainable. If you want dedicated, you want TruBlu.

A Better Evacuation System

A fast evacuation is a function of the components used in the process. TruBlu is the only system engineered for HVAC that uses industrial rated vacuum hose as well as vacuum rated KF fittings for quick hose configuration and vacuum tight connections.

One Hose Fits All

With our Patent Pending KF fitting designed specifically for HVAC applications, a TruBlu hose can be configured in the field for the pump and service valve connections from 1/4 in, 3/8 in, to even 1/2 in. fittings (even those with 90-degree adapters). Each fitting and valve has been carefully engineered from the core tools to the core depressors to assure vacuum tight connections ideal for HVAC applications. While all mechanical fittings leak, TruBlu fittings and hoses can achieve leaks rates so low that vacuums of 20 microns at the hose ends are easily possible even with the smallest vacuum pumps.

Size Matters

Using a 3 CFM pump or larger? You need TruBlu! Attaching a 1/4 in. hose to a vacuum pump can reduce the flow to as little as 0.7 CFM. No matter how large your pump is, (and remember size does matter!) it is limited or restricted by the hoses you attach to it. The deepest vacuum a pump can draw -14.7 PSI, so if you want more flow you need a bigger hose. If you want more flow you need TruBlu.

How to clean the hoses

Pour a few ounces of rubbing alcohol into the hose.  Put your thumbs over the hose ends and slosh it back and forth.  Pour out.  Swing the hose (like a cowboy) to use centrifugal force to sling out any remaining alcohol.  Then put the hose on the pump with a vacuum gauge on the end and run the pump until the hose hits 100 microns or less.  That will take several minutes as the hose has to dry out.