Commercial Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Our unmatched quality and constant quest for innovation has landed RefTec in over 100 countries worldwide. The desire to provide customers with products that fit their needs has kept RefTec at the forefront of the industry.

Today Reftec is leading the HVAC Industry by introducing customized chiller service products to land and sea based platforms. These chiller service tools can be found everywhere from casinos in Macau to cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Reftec’s oil recovery units have proven to be a safe, effective way to meet the requirements of the ever increasing environmental regulations while keeping costs down on the tools to complete the job. With the rising number of larger chiller systems being utilized over the last few years, Reftec has developed the refrigerant recovery, non-condensable purger, chiller heat pressurizer and refrigerant storage tools needed to handle such large charges. By working with the engineers, designers and technicians in the field, Reftec has consistently been able to provide the right products to complete the job.

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